As an incoming analyst, here’s your role at the firm



Each year, we welcome experienced equity researchers and novices to the industry alike. New members will participate in a comprehensive 8-week training process, where they will learn about stock selection, fundamental analysis, valuation & modeling, portfolio management strategies, and other public market topics. 

Continued financial education in the form of panels, private gatherings with our extensive industry connections, and firm visits will be available to long-term members also. 

meetings and pitches

Members will convene each week to make investment decisions. A typical weekly meeting will include pitches by members, market briefing from sector groups, and portfolio performance update. 

Each member is expected to present at least 2 stock pitches each semester. Pitches will include detailed analysis on the company and the sector, evaluation of risk factors and catalysts, financial modeling of intrinsic value, and concluding investment theses.

investment decisions

Praetorian Management’s investment decisions will be made based on equal-weighed votes from portfolio managers and vote-holding investors. After which, the execution of the investment will follow the portfolio management team's joint analysis of the weight, risk, and hedge of the stock.