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Praetorian Management, LLC

The largest student-run asset management fund at Columbia.

Founded in 2018, we are a multi-strategy fund with an investment focus in the US secondary market, yielding 29.0% net returns during our first two quarters in operation, while S&P 500 gave a return of 17.3% during the same period. At Praetorian Management, the combination of different investment horizons and strategies allows us to maintain flexibility while also delivering consistently high, risk-adjusted returns.


Value-Oriented Portfolio

Our value-oriented equities long-only portfolio generate alpha in sector-specific intrinsic value investments, focusing on healthcare, financials, TMT, and aerospace and defense industries, consistently beating the S&P benchmark. A long-only strategy offers us flexibility in incremental adjustments to our positions, as well as continued strong returns rivaling those pursuing more contrarian LSE or arbitrage strategies.

Event-Driven Portfolio

Additionally, our short term event-driven buy-ins are more actively managed units that take advantage of upcoming corporate catalysts in the form of mergers and acquisitions, takeovers, or earnings announcements. We focus on identifying acquisition targets and industry consolidation trends, using in-depth analysis of company financials to seize short term windows of profitability. Our event-driven portfolio generated 77.9% return to date. 


Interview with Forbes Shanghai on Asset & Wealth Management trends in China

market outlook

As we enter 2019 Q3, geopolitical uncertainty, monetary policy news, and consequent recent market volatility all point towards a broad-based slowdown in global growth. This month saw record high stock market fluctuations, with Dow Jones falling a historic 767 points in a single day. Debt markets are overtaking equity markets, and fund managers are increasingly pursuing more conservative strategies. At this juncture, while maintaining our historically strong US-centric long-only fundamental approach, we are increasingly pursuing geographic and asset-class diversification to reduce market-facing risk.

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